A First Aid Officer is available at each session and fully equipped First Aid Kits are readily accessible.

Children with contagious diseases are requested not to attend Kids Care for the duration of the illness. Parents will be contacted to collected their children if the children are sick.

Food provided is nutritious with the exception of occasional treats and cooking activities. Staff follow strict food handling and hygiene procedures and the Centre is assessed by a NSW Health inspector annually.

Fire drills are carried out each term and during each vacation care.

Children are required to wear hats and sunscreen at all times when outside. It is the responsibility of the parents to supply hats.


We are only able to administer medication to your child if:

  • You have completed a “Permission to Administer Medication Form” including details of time and dosage
  • The medication is in its original container and is prescribed for that child
  • Non-prescription medication is not permitted at the centre.

Asthma and Anaphylaxis Action Plans

Parents of any child with asthma or an anaphylaxis allergy are required to complete either an Asthma Action Plan and/or Anaphylaxis Action Plan. These plans will advise the staff of the actions they should take should your child become unwell with asthma or an allergy. An appropriate form is available and should be completed by a doctor. Parents will also need to provide an epi-pen and/or inhaler for their child to be kept onsite at Roseville Kids Care along with their action plan.