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Children’s Well-being:

Children’s Health:

Media & Apps:
Any movies or TV shows rated PG and over should be viewed with a parent or guardian first. This helps stop children being exposed to languages and themes beyond their developmental understanding.

Family Games:
Playing video games with your children is a great way to find out what they love about the digital world. It also opens up communications about games they have played or want to play and may help your children feel more confident in discussing their online activities with you.

Recent studies show that playing puzzles and and quiz type video games can increase your mental agility and help delay dementia.

Here are some family friendly apps based on age brackets:

Ages 4+

  1. Contre Jour HDitunes/google – Side scroller with cute creature that jumps from blob to blob
  2. Botaniculaitunes/google – Adventure game with cute characters, beautiful graphics and music
  3. Monument Valleyitunes/google – Puzzle adventure game

Ages 9+

  1. The Room(Versions 1, 2, 3)itunes/google/steam – Stunning 3D physical puzzler and mystery game
  2. Zen Bounditunes – Japanese Meditative puzzle game where you bind ropes around wooden pieces
  3. Gravity Ghoststeam – Ghost flies through universe landing on planet collecting flowers

Ages 12+

  1. Machinariumitunes/google/steam – Puzzle side scroller game with beautiful graphics and cute characters
  2. The Caveitunes/google/steam -Adventure side scroller game with challenging tasks
  3. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery –itunes/google/steam – Exploratory action adventure game

Dealing with Separation & Divorce:

Emotional Support/Mental Health: